Expression of Interest are invited from owners, having clear and marketable title to the properties built as per local by-laws , having permission for commercial use and are interested in leasing their commercial premises/property to ICICI Bank Ltd.("ICICI Bank") for branch, ATM or office purposes. Interested owners may submit / post the useful information with respect to the premises/ property on below form. ICICI Bank representative will get in touch with you if the premises/ property suits ICICI Bank requirement. Mere submission of offer should not be treated as acceptance / selection of the offer.
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Users of the website agrees and undertakes that they shall not submit details of any premises/property descriptions, photographs, financial, contact or other information to ICICI Bank:
    1. unless the premises are owned by him/them and have acquired all necessary rights and interest in the premises / property and has requisite powers and authorizations to lease / give the premises on leave and licence;
    2. User has been duly authorised by the owners of the premises / property in writing and an authorisation shall be submitted by the user to that effect.. In any case, the User of the website shall not post of information or photograph of a premises /property on website under a name other than in the name of the owner of the premises / property.
    3. If pictures, photographs, information are grossly offensive, defamatory, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, objectionable, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever;
    4. If it violates any law for the time being in force.

  2. Owner / Users of the website agrees and undertake that they shall not provide/ submit on website any incorrect premises/property pictures and information or state a discriminatory preference. They shall disclose all material information of the premises /property(ies) submitted including the present status and nature of such premises /property and shall also disclose whether the premises /property is free from all encumbrances or not.

  3. That the User of the website shall not do posting of information or photograph of a premises /property on website under a name other than in the name of the owner of the premises / property.

  4. Owners of the premises/property agrees and undertakes that the information uploaded by them is merely an expression of offer, for leasing purpose to the ICICI Bank, and not an invitation to bid.
    The premises will be selected based on evaluation of offers considering various factors as mentioned in the technical information/ criteria of evaluation.

  5. Owners / Users of the website agrees that by uploading premises/property details, it shall not be construed that ICICI Bank is obligated to take their premises/property on lease/ leave and licence and owners shall not be entitled to raise any claim against the Bank.

  6. Owners agrees and understand that ICICI Bank shall not pay any brokerage, commission, fees, and/or any amount for uploading premises/ property details on the web link and ICICI Bank shall not be liable to pay any charges to the owners for sharing property details on web link.

  7. The premises will be considered based on evaluation of offers considering various factors. Subject to suitability and preliminary due diligence, the offered premises may be inspected for preliminary short-listing by ICICI Bank. This may include carrying out the measurements and inspection of the offered premises. Selected owners will be informed subsequently to submit the detailed offer and terms and conditions. Notwithstanding anything contained above, ICICI Bank reserves the right to reject any or all offers/information uploaded by owners without assigning any reason.

  8. No agreement contract will be formed between ICICI Bank Ltd and the Owners of the premises/ property unless and until ICICI Bank accepts the Owners offer in writing and both parties sign a definitive lease/ leave and licence contract document.

  9. The selected owner agrees to provide all support to ICICI Bank in evaluation of suitability of the premises/ property for branch/ office/ ATM purposes and whenever required ICICI Bank, the owner shall submit a copy of Occupancy/Completion Certificate, as applicable and arrange all permissions /approvals (if required) from the concerned local statutory authorities at his own cost for using the premises for commercial purpose before handing over possession of the premises. The selected shall provide space on the roof top for erecting Radio Frequency (wireless) Antenna over a mast of around 9 meter height with necessary permission from society and statutory authorities, if required.

  I agree to the above Terms & Conditions